September 2015 – Nnequin

IMG_20150918_174716In complete contrast to the elegant Canberra Botanicals exhibition I visited earlier in the evening is the experimental, grassroots nnequin exhibition in the pop-up Gorgeous Mortar art and cafe space on Mort Street, Braddon.

Nnequin is a collaborative exhibition by three housemates, Lym Garrett, Stephen Dobson and Jeremy Wells, under the group title The Polyphallus Palace. The exhibition runs on the theme of mannequins and dismembered body parts, with each artist taking the theme and interpreting it in their own medium and style, separate of the others. Bringing the collection together hours before the opening, the surprise was a series of pieces that worked in compliment to the others. Unique enough to feel the vibrancy of voices across the pieces, they nevertheless speak a common language of human form and fragmentation that captures the imagination of the viewer.

The opening was presented with live painted ‘mannequin’ actors posing in the window of Gorgeous Mortar, walking at times among the crowd and beside (more traditionally still) mannequin sculptural pieces. The grass roots quality of the exhibition is evident in the casual, welcoming bustle of friends and fans of the artists, the handwritten price list (still being printed minutes before the opening) and the disjointed arrangement of the pieces across the small exhibition space. Although haphazard, exhibitions of this variety often present the more exciting experiments and rich innovations in contemporary art. I myself fell in love with several pieces for their raw quality and the seeming narratives behind them, and took home three of the 25 pieces on show.

At nnequin you can expect to find sculptures, paintings, drawings and photographs, ranging in prices from affordable to less-than, with the majority in the very affordable range. Nnequin opened 6:00pm 18 September 2015 and runs until 24 September.

Check out the Facebook event to plan your visit: