September 2015 – Canberra Botanical

Maria Boredom with her piece 'Wild Flower Collection'.

Maria Boreham with her piece ‘Wild Flower Collection’.

Canberra Botanical, the annual exhibition of The Botanical Arts Society of Australia Inc., opened today at the Nishi Gallery in New Acton. The exhibition showcases exquisitely detailed botanical drawings and paintings, ranging from moss covered branches to the fine petals of new blossoms. Each entry has been selected through multiple rounds of careful screening – first by a botanical scientist for its accuracy, and then by a panel of two professional artists for its artistic qualities. The worth of this process is in the quality of the works in the exhibition- each piece is a delightful rendering of flowers, fruits, seeds and leaves that lend a rich life to the concrete exhibition space.

The Society is a non-profit group run by several local artists, who seek to promote botanical illustration nationwide. Botanical illustration represents the intersection of science and art, by rendering in accurate detail the subject as it appears. Pieces in the exhibition are achieved in watercolour, the traditional medium of botanical illustration, as well as heavier paints and in graphite.

With its delightful array of floral pieces, the exhibition is a fantastic inclusion in the spring exhibition season. For lovers of flora, the exhibition is a superb opportunity to purchase a very reasonably priced original piece, and for visitors to the region the exhibition is an opportunity to stop by the New Acton precinct and soak up the atmosphere of spring away from the crowds of Floriade for an hour or two.

Canberra Botanical opened at Nishi Gallery, New Acton on 18 September 2015, and runs 19 September to 5 October.