March 2015 – The Carved Line

11069209_10204867055291031_6876644568970012304_nThe Carved Line is an impressive showcase of Christine Upton’s stellar career in printmaking, exhibiting works from the early 90’s to present. The exhibition displays Upton’s prints across a range of mediums, including fabric, framed paper prints and sculptural objects that utilise carved printmaking blocks.

Upon entering the space, the viewer cannot help but become a voyeur, seeing the world through the lens of the artist. With an immediate sense of personality and playful exploration, Upton speaks to the viewer in jewel-bright paint tones. The richness of colour and vibrancy of the natural imagery capture a sense of abundance. The Carved Line delivers on its promise, with a focus on line that echoes the pulse of life, lending movement to the whole collection.

What the viewer will recognise is the curator’s intention to take you on a journey through technique and the evolution of the medium under the artist’s hands. As the artist explains, “the work in this exhibition has evolved from exploring ways to create lino block prints using everyday materials and without a printing press.” Reflecting on this, the viewer sees Upton’s works from a new perspective, and appreciates her creative use of materials. The transformation and recycling of simple domestic materials into vivid imagery speaks to the motifs in her prints, with a reverence for the natural, and the preciousness of native flora and fauna. “Building sites, renovations at hospitals & schools and storerooms at flooring shops have provided cheap or free sources of surfaces able to be carved to create what I referred to as lino blocks.”

“Lino block printing was a natural transition from sculpture and batik as it satisfied a love of carving, an ability to think in reverse, and the need for experimental play. But the need to create 3D forms and a desire to use old blocks and cherished timbers has resulted in a variety of sculptures, throughout the years, that incorporate lino blocks.”

The Carved Line runs from the 20th of March to the 12th of April, 2015, at the Belconnen Arts Centre.

Meet the artist Sunday 29th of March at 3:00pm. Featured image: Works by Christine Upton, The Carved Line



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