March 2015 – Re-Emergence

11009959_10204866817885096_4387441327550511739_nAfter several years out of the arts scene Robyn Campbell’s solo exhibition, Re-emergence, is a tranquil, textural feast for the senses. Coming from a background in glass, Campbell has found a dynamic niche in the ceramics medium.

“What I’ve found is that ceramics have allowed me to explore form and texture, which follows on from my glass practice,” Campbell explains. With the lengthy design process in glass, Campbell turned to ceramics first as a pathway to play with these design elements and as models for her glass pieces. The rich plasticity of the ceramic medium soon captured her imagination. Campbell goes on to say that in glass she brings in the further exploration of light, but even without the translucency of glass the works in Re-Emergence have a subtle interplay with light and shadow that appeals to the viewer. “This group of work was produced from a desire to use 2014 as a year to play with ideas and material in an unconstrained way,” says Campbell. “I was surprised to realise how the forms and ideas in this work follow on logically from my final pieces in glass 13 years ago. During the year, old skills returned along with the deep satisfaction I gain from developing ideas and from the process of making.”

The exhibition explores several different work types, from the porcelain purity of Cluster 1 and Cluster 2, to the bold, dark lines in the Land Form works and the pale, sensual simplicity of Nearness 2 (bottom left, featured image).

A tour of the room brings the viewer through the pathways of Campbell’s mind, giving a sense of stillness, self-awareness and maturity. The gallery favourably lights the pieces, placing the ceramic vessels and sculptures at the eye-level of the viewer, although at times placed in such way that invites the viewer to duck, weave, or peer inside, tempting you to touch the textured surfaces for a more tactile experience.

Re-Emergence runs from the 20th of March to the 12th of April, 2015, at the Belconnen Arts Centre.

Meet the artist Sunday 29th of March at 1:00pm.



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