June 2015 – Traceries

Jenny Gibson’s exhibition, Traceries, will immerse you in ghostly impressions of the Australian bush. Gibson exhibits a collection of her paintings and sketches, united in their exploration of the bush landscape theme.

With fine, natural hues, evoking humming summers and the yellow shine of the sun, Gibson’s paintings seem to vibrate with the buzz of insects and the shuffle of a quiet Australian breeze. Her paintings capture the essence of the bush experience in a subtle way. By focusing on the details- a grassy bank, the limbs of gums- Gibson draws the viewer into the colours and lines that are unique to Australia. Her charcoal sketches are a calligraphic contrast, in stark grey and black. The architectural blocks of mass in rocks and crevices are bold against the fragile sweeps of flora. In her charcoals, Gibson reveals the power behind her study of forms, and the poetic grayscale of her drawings is a bold statement inside the modern rooms of the gallery. With the revelation of process in her charcoals, and the elegant whisper of her final paintings, Gibson’s Traceries will leave an impression. 

Traceries runs from the 12th of June to the 15th of July, 2015, at the Belconnen Arts Centre.


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