To Dance

I will teach you to dance, said the Woman, her left hand extended, serious eyes belied by a teasing quirk of plump lips. She wanted to wait, to see if the Girl would say I do or maybe a demure yes and wilt into those strong, loving arms. She wanted to cup a butterfly kiss in the press of her palm, and shelter a soft wind, or as much as.

The Girl, she rose on one tiny, pink toed foot and arched her arms akimbo, and with a tiny dip of her head, she turned a spin, a whirl, and smiled- I can dance already.

No, no- a strong hand thrust into the path of the Girl’s hectic arc and grasped a small, soft hand. The Woman, pulled forward into the Girl’s orbit, took a short step and stopped, halted, froze them together. No, I will show you.

Huge eyes and small lips, parted, looked up at the Woman, and the battery flutter of lashes, greeted the declaration as the woman softly- softly- pushed the girl a step back -right foot, first- and then, a tug, and then-

Oh, I see it. The girl smiled, sweet as sugar (her mouth still dusted with chocolate biscuit crumbs from the before-time) and, decidedly, stepped into the Woman, push, pull and step, turn. She laughed, she stepped, she swayed and pressed against the woman, hips tilted gaily against the hipbones on her partner and breasts, still ungainly yet on such a frame, pressed forward. I see it.

The Woman laughed at the Girl’s antics, being twisted and turned frantically as the excitement in the shorter grew, but with a sudden tug- you’ve got it all wrong, dear.

The Woman, shoulders back and proud, a sheltering pull above the Girl, very carefully curled around the petite child and started again. This time the girl peered upwards, pout parted, and reverently gazed into beautiful, soul-deep eyes and watched the blush rise onto smooth, cream cheeks and they danced. Danced softly, sweetly in spinning plumes of night, they turned-

Oh, she gasps, breathless, or breath-mingled, and arches to kiss-

Oh, she whispers, pressing, giving, pushing, follows-

Oh, I see.

And there you have it, the Woman smiled, bringing them gently to a halt and caressing the small of a curved, shiveringly eager back. You’ve danced.

The Girl, bright eyed, swayed into the Woman and let a long breath sigh from her lungs. Yes, yes you’re right. Now I’ve danced.

* * *

By Danielle K. Day


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