Sunshine, Sunflowers, Cigarettes and Wine

Sometimes, when I’m bored,
I’ll go shopping in my head. To all the high-end bou-tiques.
And. I’ll drag you along and we’ll get lipo if we need it, because the dress must be just right- but if not, who cares, we’re beautiful. And I’ll imagine all the things we said, between the laughs and taffeta falls, and I’ll tie lace scarves around my neck- or yours, to pull you in and kiss- and we’ll have silk stockings, one up, one down, and pearls against your throat to match your teeth when you smile,
And. I’ll let the change bend, or fall, and call staccato bell tolls to chime our footsteps against that marble floor. We’ll tear apart the clothes racks, ruin all the displays. We’ll try on bright red lipstick, perfume sweet like wine. And. When we get bored we’ll strip it off and start again-
In drag this time.
And I’ll adore you, when the glass, bright lights and champagne blinds me and I’ll see-
your eyes,
your smile.
Somewhere between me and the world.
And then I’ll wake up, with the light and your heart beat, somewhere beneath mine-
With your kiss still on my lips.

By Danielle K. Day


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