The below is a little snippet of the protagonist’s life. This piece was composed from the premise “what do you imagine things might look like in the year 2030?” I chose to focus on the tiny houses movement. – Danni 🙂


Outback is our whirl-a-whirl. That’s what Mum calls it. We got it a few years ago, from a man that sold drinks from the back of his van.

Mum said it was a good score, because everyone’s mad for green energy these days.

I don’t remember it, but Mum says everyone got Green Fever a few years back. I think it might be like going Hulk, but less cool.

Because of it, our house is 6 metres by 3 metres. Mum is so proud of that. ‘No odd centimetres here and there’, she says, ‘just a nice, even rectangle’. She likes that she thought of putting the beds in the roof, and filling the wall with books, so that we didn’t have to give up the collection her and dad had from when they were kids. She yells at me when I read them, though. She says it ruins the “insulation”, which I guess means ‘don’t touch my things’.

Under the house is where we keep our chickens. Chickens are good because they let us make our own food. It keeps us off the supermarket grid, Dad says. He hates buying stuff.

The house is hitched onto Mum’s car, the garden is on Dad’s. Dad likes it that way, because he can keep an eye on the veggies in the rear-view when we need to move again.

That happens a lot.

We sometimes drive for days, with the chickens packed into the back. The water tank mum straps to the roof glugs along with the wheels, and I glug back sometimes as we bounce our way into back paddocks.

What I like best is the whirl-a-whirl, though. It’s this huge fan that mum straps to the roof of our house. Mum says it makes us energy, just like the solar that Dad has on top of his car. That’s cool, I guess, but that’s not why I like it.

I’ve found, when you set it up just right, it makes a whoomsh sound in the wind, just like a helicopter!

It sends mum spare, but she lets me keep it anyway. It’s keeping us company, she says.

Danielle K. Day


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