Jonny Cosmopolitan Article – Winter

With winter nearly upon us and a new crisp bite to the air, you’re going to need a cocktail that warms the deepest of chills. The Blazer is a cocktail that sets a fire smouldering inside, with variations been conjured up in sensually lit bars around the world as the bone chilling wind rolls through outside. The key to the Blazer is the union of rich liquor rolled in a balloon glass

over fire- the heat of a naked flame is that essential ingredient in this fiery cocktail, imbibing the rounder bite of this femme fatale of drinks with the essence of the flame. She demands attention from all who dare to watch her, and it’s certain you won’t be able to walk past the mesmerizing blue and honey whirl of her creation. In no time you’ll be begging for her company as well.

The Blue Blazer is a standout from the many Blazer variations around the world. Her creator, Jerry Thomas, is known for his showmanship and would pour the flaming mistress from one silver mug to another creating an arc of flame to be seen by all who dared to watch. A modern rendition of this remarkable cocktail is the Ulrichs Blazer invented at Hippo Bar, Garema Place. This dark beauty is made from a long pour of Jamaican Rum mixed with wild berries and a dash of Dubonnet a French aperitif, all brought together with the purity of flame emulsifying every aspect until you have a tipple that will warm the coldest of hearts.

– Danielle Day, writing for Jonny Cosmopolitan