Jonny Cosmopolitan Article – Summer

The summer sun has sent a heat haze over Canberra, and what better way to cool down and stir the heart than that sexy little cocktail, the Margarita. This firecracker of a cocktail sashayed into the drink scene in the early 1940’s, mysteriously making an appearance from the sultry deserts of Mexico. A buxom, full flavoured spanish seductress, she’ll make you think you’ve quenched your thirst while craving more.

Tequila, the golden heart of the Margarita, is distilled from the flesh of the blue agave plant, which grows in the rich, sandy soils of Mexico. In deep twilight night, the blue agave is pollinated by bats, and from its leaves the Margarita, a tequila daisy, is born.

The Margarita is the mistress of the party people. Her origin story is as uncertain as her perfect concoction, with many a man claiming to mix her up for love, or money, or love of money. Prepared in a sexy, curved Margarita glass, her rim doused in fresh lime and a thin rime of salt, the rest is challenged by bartenders everywhere. Some prefer a tart mistress, with a part mix of tequila, orange liqueur, and lime juice over ice – or, not. Whether cointreau, triple sec, grand marnier, lemon instead of lime, ice blended, ice shaken, no ice or no liqueur- the Margarita is as varied as one lover to the next. All that is certain is the effect- if you’re looking for a good time this summer, you’ll want this little beauty along for the ride.

In the warm Canberra evening, we recommend setting up the party at newly-opened Honkytonks, in the city, or Soju Girl on Northbourne, for a long evening with our favourite lasting lover- or maybe a few.

Have any curious cocktail questions? Send your queries into Jonathan @ Jonny, whose drinks expertise will answer it all.

– Danielle Day, writing for Jonny Cosmopolitan