Jonny Cosmopolitan Article – Spring

Through the smoky haze of the flamed orange-zest oil, the elegant pink of the iconic Cosmopolitan cocktail whispers of its mysteriously contentious origins. Invented in South Beach, Florida and made famous in swinging New York City, the Cosmo balances citrus vodka, Cointreau, fresh lime and cranberry juice- a subtle tableau of flavours that combine with perfection.

The Cosmopolitan was invented in a world where the Martini was king. A Martini- a clear cut crystal of spirit and vermouth, in a glass as sexy as the cocktail is strong. Certainly, the look of the Martini was its prized feature, while the taste left a lot to be desired. There was a place next the masculine body of the Martini, screaming for a feminine partner of subtle tones. Invented by a woman, for women, the Cosmopolitan was born to delight.

It’s this sophistication of design that has the Cosmopolitan as one of the most famous drinks in the cocktail world. You’ve seen Carrie Bradshaw revel in them on screen, blazing into the New York nightlife with her Cosmo in hand. Fashionably fresh in pinkish tones, this cocktail makes a fabulous compliment against any shimmering evening dress, catching the eye in the low-light of heady cocktail lounges. Visit the decadent Hippo Lounge Bar in the city, or a funky little establishment like Knightsbridge Penthouse, and the Cosmopolitan will be a classic that the discerning cocktail connoisseur simply cannot walk past.

– Danielle Day, writing for Jonny Cosmopolitan