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Contemporary Jewellery, Here to Stay!

Contemporary jewellery is a fantastic world to be working in. If you’ve ever spent time on a contemporary design blog, like Design Milk or Design Break, you’ll know that contemporary design can be anywhere between outrageously unwearable to amazingly crafted. I particularly enjoy seeing the way that designers push the limits of materials- or, more accurately, push the way that the audience perceives materials.

Check out this post on Design milk about Logical Art’s air tattoo necklaces.

Paper takes on a new life as it is layered and bent around the body. The shadows are as much a part of the design as the leather-like paper itself, making the body complicit in the “creation” of the art.

Or, check out this amazing buttonhole by Leonor Hipólito.

Wouldn’t this look absolutely fantastic on a tailored suit? It isn’t over the top, but it certainly pushes the boundaries of the traditional. This piece in particular is a great example of how designers push the concept of “jewellery-like” materials- the wood is a regular twig, not gold or jewels, and simply studded onto silver. There is no preoccupation about pairing expensive metals with other expensive or rare materials. The need for the preciousness associated with jewellery is waived in favour of the craftsmanship of the designer.

I think the power of contemporary jewellery is in the ability to be innovative. Often, when you buy an item you are mostly buying a concept. A designer will challenge you, in a variety ways-

But, without the crazy Lady Gaga designs, the amazing wearable jewellery wouldn’t be possible.

– Danielle K. Day



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