Knave & Fables – Jewellery design


Knave & Fables is a jewellery label of striking, unparalled, all-male and all-masculine jewellery- designed specifically for men, Knave & Fables brings men’s jewellery out of the dark ages and into the fashion forward century.

Our first line, the Knave, draws inspiration from organic shapes. Mirroring what Knave & Fables does with men’s jewellery, we’ve looked at those minutest elements, cells and plants, and brought them up in scale- bringing their patterns and rich tapestries of personality into the light. Like the skeletons of autumn leaves, our Knave line branches out in spidery lines across your favourite suit pockets, along your tie and over your cuffs. However, just like the knave we named them for, these plants are a little bit naughty. The cell patterns of Amanita Muscaria mushrooms will decorate a man with the seductive combination of rich design and tempting potency, while the sinking roots of Mycorrhizae fungi curve hintingly beneath the surface of an innocent button-cufflink . If you dare to wear a Knave design, be prepared to let the wild out.

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