Danielle Kathleen – Jewellery Design

392758_10150520715664454_1916804603_nAs an artist, I experience an urge to create using a sense of aesthetic rightness, merged with a feeling of resonance with the design. As a designer, I have an obsession with the cultivation of form and function. As an author, I tell the story of how a wearer investigates the relationship they have between their identity and their ornamentation.

Jewellery is an articulation of these ideas- of the way that environment impacts form, of the way that social preoccupations result in emphasis on methods and the way that psychology influences pattern and line.

My primary practice is a design process which is informed by metalwork and jewellery ornamentation. My interest in the inner narrative of the artist is bound in my fascination with how we project this onto the body. The body, how we choose to ornament it, is a reflection of how the wearer sees themselves, or how they wish others to read them.

My own aesthetic reflects sculptural principles, and architectural elements of design, as well as pattern forming in nature.

I have a long obsession with the kinds of intersections that occur when geometric, stable forms are bent along curves and undulations. To me, they echo the structures of organisms- the building blocks of life. I feel this path of architecture and design is a response to the challenge that the natural world throws an artist- to design for structure, whilst giving the impression of effortlessness and the ephemeral.

Website: www.danielle-kathleen.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/DanielleKDay

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