Sponsor a Design by Danielle Kathleen!

Hello jewellery lovers!

I have an exciting new initiative called Sponsor a Design, which I hope you’re going to love!

As you may be aware, Danielle Kathleen is a small design studio. I make by using computer aided design processes to model pieces, which I then have 3D printed, cast, laser cut, digitally printed or otherwise conjured up from mysterious bits of data. The pieces get posted to me and assembled or finished in my studio here in Canberra, Australia. This means that I can keep costs relatively low for my customers, who are still able to buy bespoke, designer jewellery, but who also avoid paying for the hours of work that handcrafting a piece might demand. It also means that every design is made-to-order for the buyer, so my business can run without debt or significant environmental impact!

It does also mean that 99% of my designs never make it to market, however – simply because I can’t afford to make everything. That’s sometimes a good thing (not every design is amazing, lol) but it also means that pieces you might love are never seen outside my computer screen. I’m also aware that, even as low cost as I try to be, sometimes my biggest fans are still unable to afford pieces. SO! I’ve launched a new product type for my buyers called Sponsor a Design. The Sponsor a Design section of my website shows digital renderings of my newest and/or unlaunched designs for my fans to sponsor by buying them at a lower cost, launching them into reality!
If you’re interested, pop over to my website to see what I’ve been designing here: www.danielle-kathleen.com/collections/sponsor-a-design 

Or, read more about Sponsor a Design, including the terms, the how and the why: www.danielle-kathleen.com/blogs/news/sponsor-a-design

I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think! – Danni


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