Self Care Activities For The Sneaky SADS

Sometimes, despite everything we know and fight against, the negativities in the world still get us down.


When my period comes around, for instance, my hormones tend to bum me out. I get bloated and uncomfortable and the sneaky *SADS* come on, so that my brain convinces me I’m terrible/ugly/unhappy with myself, and it’s hard to remind myself that I’m none of those things. It’s annoying because I can feel myself getting grouchy and I know it’s just chemicals firing off mis-signals, but that doesn’t stop the *SADS* in their attack phase.


A friend of mine recently started a Facebook post where they asked for suggestions from their friends regarding what we each do for self care. I thought it was a genius idea, so I’ve gathered my favourites here as a reminder to self (and for whoever else needs it!)


An Alphabetised List of Self Care Activities For When The Sneaky SADS Come Knocking
A bush walk
A long/short walk or run
A massage
Apply beauty products/make up
Bird watch
Break something (not precious)
Burn candles
Calming tea
Care for something (a person/pet/plant/etc)
Cheer for your team
Cloud watch
Conversation with a good friend
Cook something
Create something
Cry over a romance novel/movie
Cry, cry, cry
Cuddle up in bed
Declutter your space(s)
Do a favourite sport, such as surfing/running/skiing/etc
Do yoga/Pilates/stretches
Dress up
Eat something delicious
Explore a new kink or position
Flora/fungi hunt
Follow a beauty routine such as cleanse/tone/moisturise
Gaming (board/card games)
Gaming (console games)
Gaming (online gaming)
Gaming (RPG and LARP)
Go for a drive
Go on an adventure
Go to the movies
Hair cut
Have safe, sane and consensual sex
Hug a beloved family member
Learn something new
Listen to music
Long bath
Long shower
Look at art
Look at insects/birds/other animals
Look up facts about a topic
Meet someone new
Mix and sort a collection of objects
Participate in team sports
Play with an animal
Rant to a trusted person
Read a book
Read in the bath
Rearrange a room/space
Recite positive affirmations
Seek help/reach out
Spend time with a significant other
Spend time with self
Star gaze
Take a selfie
Take photographs
Take your medication (if relevant)
Talk to a counsellor or psych
Talk to people that understand
Think about good memories
Think about happy things
Volunteer/help others
Watch favourite TV shows
Write out the feelings
Write something creative
Yell at the world (but not others/yourself)



What I think is most useful, is to look at your self care activity as being something that cancels out the negative feelings. It is important that whatever you choose to do, that it doesn’t reinforce the negativity. If you’re in a bad space because of sexual reasons, having sexual contact maybe isn’t the answer (not a blanket statement, though- remember, it’s a personal choice!). Try talking with a friend, snuggling, cuddle parties or exercise to get your endorphins pumping, if this is the case. That said, if you’re in a bad space because of lack of body positivity, sex with a person/people who understand this and can healthily show you why you and your body are amazing/talented/worthy of wonderful things can be really beneficial. The same with, say, money problems. Buying something (such as my favourites, new clothes and make up) maybe isn’t the solution here. Instead, think about creating something with items left around the house or found objects. You’ll satisfy the urge for the new, but without adding a new stressor upon yourself.


It is also important to recognise when to reach out. Reaching out to others shouldn’t be your last resort! Seeking help from a friend, a help service or from a professional are vital self care activities and you do not need to feel embarrassed or any need to apologise for doing so. This is an act of courage and strength! Here are some links to great Australian services that are always willing to help:


In an emergency call 000. 

Mental Health Crisis Service ACT: 1800 629 354 (24 hours) or (02) 6205 1065 –

Lifeline Canberra tel: 13 11 14 (24 hours) or

Kids Helpline (for people aged 25 and under) tel: 1800 55 1800 (24 Hours) or for online help

Beyond Blue: 1300 224 636 or

SANE Helpline: 1800 187 263 or for online help

Healthdirect – 24 hour health advice from a registered nurse or a GP: 1800 022 222.

Or visit the website to locate your nearest open doctor office or chemist as well:


As for me – I had a long shower, gave myself a massage and had an early night in with my electric blanket. It was perfect and the sneaky *SADS* were banished for another month. ^_^
Do you have anything to add to the list? What do you do for self care?
– Danni

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