November 2015 – Summer Swing Exhibition


Manuela Igreja – Silky pods, sterling silver.

Coming up to Christmas is the perfect time of year to be looking for gifts that are rare and unique for your loved ones. KIN gallery in Braddon has the answer to everything you’re looking for with the launch of their Summer Swing exhibition, showcasing perfection in modern earring design. Summer Swing features a variety of Australian artists across a range of styles, from organic found object castings, to plastic geometric growths that recall crystals and land formations, to the subtle elegance of modern minimalist designs. The fifty pieces in the exhibition range in price- from $60 to $500- and in materials – from plastics and paint to 24ct yellow gold. Each piece whispers of the personality of its designer, and teases out a kindling of the same in the viewer. Luckily there is something for everyone, because pieces were being snapped up quickly by the opening crowd. KIN gallery has transformed their scandi-chic gallery and studio space into a temporary exhibition for the occasion, with their main wall still providing access to the full range of their celebrated artist-designed pieces while their long display table housing the exhibition contents. This means that you can walk right up, peer and touch the pieces in their display, testing out the right one for you. Be careful though- it’s not too hard to walk away with at least two or more for your very own! I made my getaway with a fine sterling silver set of organic earrings by Manuela Igreja, although the newest collection of organic-inspired pieces by gallery co-owner Sarah Carlson have nestled their way into my heart as well.

If you’re in the area, or even if you’re not and you just love beautiful things, stop in to KIN and look around. It’s worth the trip.

Summer Swing is part of the Design Canberra Festival. It will run from the 11th until the 29th of November, 2015, at KIN Gallery, Shop 4, ‘The Hamlet’, 16 Lonsdale Street Braddon.


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