On the subject of criticism: 2015, the Year of Art

On Sunday I decided to launch a new personal occupation of mine, to match this year’s commitment to my artistic self. For 2015 I have decided to pursue my personal visual arts practice more determinedly, as well as my art history education and, importantly, my attendance at and reflection upon other artists’ exhibitions and practices.

To that end, I invite my readers to read my first exhibition reviews since I graduated from my Bachelor degrees-

Re-Emergence – Robyn Campbell

After several years out of the arts scene Robyn Campbell’s solo exhibition, Re-emergence, is a tranquil, textural feast for the senses. Coming from a background in glass, Campbell has found a dynamic niche in the ceramics medium…

The Carved Line – Christine Upton

Upon entering the space, the viewer cannot help but become a voyeur, seeing the world through the lens of the artist. With an immediate sense of personality and playful exploration, Upton speaks to the viewer in jewel-bright paint tones. The richness of colour and vibrancy of the natural imagery capture a sense of abundance. The Carved Line delivers on its promise, with a focus on line that echoes the pulse of life, lending movement to the whole collection…



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