Home Coming

I see her standing at the sink, wrist deep in suds and the look on her face in the window is sunk in the filmy water, as much as her hands.

My arms rest in the comfortable niches at her sides as I sneak in behind her. I heave a sigh, nestling my nose into the space behind her left ear.

I feel rather than hear the smile in the play of muscles in her neck.

“Your nose is cold,” she says, and I press my returning smile into her skin.

“Yes, it is. Do you mind?”

She smells like her fresh, musky sweat and the sweetness of the soap. I kiss her neck, and pull her closer-

She shakes her head, whispers- “Never.”


Danielle K Day

Well, that’s it! Day 30 of 30 days! NaPoWriMo has been an amazing ride, all the way from day one. I’ve found myself waking up in the middle of the night, muttering lyrical words to myself, piecing together images from dream shards, and accidentally rhyming in random phrases in conversations with my friends and coworkers. I definitely think NaPoWriMo is worth it! I can’t wait to do it again next April!

Today’s addition is really a question mark- is it prose or poetry? I wanted to end on this fine line between the two, because I wanted to show how much both are informed by each other. NaPoWriMo has developed my writing so much, and I can’t help but want to share that improvement with you all. I wanted to evoke a feeling today- show rather than tell- and to bring to life the simple desire of coming home. It is an end, a relaxation of tension, and is oddly fitting for this, the last day of a massive project!

I also want to say welcome to all my new blog followers!! I didn’t start NaPoWriMo with the idea that this might happen, so your presence is an amazing, welcome and beautiful surprise. You’ve also allowed me to connect with a huge array of writings, and I am enjoying getting to know your blogs as well.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed the ride!

Now, since tomorrow is the first day of a new month… What project should I embark on next?!

Much love, my friends- Danni ^_^


5 thoughts on “Home Coming

  1. Of course, I still get to write as many as I feel compelled towards! But I think it’s time to give my poetry muse a rest for a few days, and pull out one of my other creative muses! Which one do you think deserves the spotlight? Designs, short stories, essays…? 😀

  2. My friend is suggesting short dialogue snippets. It gives an opportunity to manage shorter, edited pieces, and will also develop my dialogue (which sorely needs attention, since the majority of my pieces are introspective). What do you think?

  3. I enjoyed this piece – it is a subtle blend of both prose and poetry. And yes, dialogue snippets would be a good thing to have a play with, you don’t tend to see that very often!

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