I have found an addition,
A taught wire of frisson,
Vibrating out, away from my spine,
It is mine, no doubt,
But a surprise.
I woke up with it,
Stirred awake slowly
And found it in my palm,
A confused bundle of emotions,
Tethering me and turning me,
A seeking weathervane.
The strange thing felt organic,
A natural addition, like a finger or a toe,
Sprouting as a vine in the night.
I cannot recall what magic seeds
Were planted to grow this.
I cannot recall where it leads,
Or what riches might await me in its path.
I am at ease with it, though,
And feel the tugs with curiousity,
To see who might be following it home.

Danielle K Day

Do you ever find yourself in the middle of a group, but utterly lonely? For some reason, you feel like the person you actually want to talk to is missing- a part of you is disconnected while your mind seeks out the gap, feeling at it like a lost tooth. Nothing is sitting quite right. The whole event is pale, uninspiring, confused.


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