Ritual Femme

To prepare,
Carve from the tired girl a shiny new replica,
Apply thick, the layers of grease and paint,
To define her eyes and lips,
And shape her cheekbones,
Fill in the lines left behind by untended eyebrows,
Sand away the grooves of wrinkles, crow’s feet, frowns
And the odd smile,
Make her smooth.
Tug at the hair, brush and pile and pin,
And situate the fall exactly so.
Dress her as you would-
Too slutty? Not enough? Add a necklace, mess her up.
Once complete, vacuum seal yourself inside
Walk around, try her out,
We brave, be bubbly,
Dredge up the energy left and spin.
My femme is built on rituals,
Stolen time to fill with intricate steps.
Take a tired girl and make new.
Take a tired girl, apply makeup,

Make her you.


Danielle K Day

This week was very long, and then a party demanded my attention. I’m not very good at parties, especially after the first week back at work after a holiday. Today’s poem demonstrates a little bit of resentment, I fear.

I actually wrote another poem, about the party itself. I personally hate parties, though, so it wasn’t as nice as it could have been. I didn’t want to upset any attendees, so I’ll keep that one to myself. 😉 Danni


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