Ink Moon and You

The ceramic bowl of the distant moon,
Dipped and dripped in ink,
Pours the night out across the sky
Beyond my square-boxed window sill.
I am curled, small and heavy,
In the giving soft of my bed
And blink at the light, quiet,
Dazzled by the stars.
Those distant points,
The coordinates of made up
Drawn together with spider silk
Unravelled from the tip
Of my drifting finger.
Figures from my dreams
Sleep above me in the ink,
Two soft mouths and two pairs of crescent lids,
And two palms, linked,
By the mess of two drifting masses of hair.
Half-dozed, I will my body to rise,
Trade places with the inky me,
And wake up with you
In my arms.


Danielle K Day

Ugh, Day 3 back at work combined with Day 23 of poems, and I am feeling pretty tired! This sleepy dream poem demonstrates this quite nicely, I think. Zzzzz…

😉 – Danni


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