Softly, I blow on tension-strands,
And sigh with the sway.

I set shivering a cathedral of light and windows-
Shards of air joined at silk seams,
Concentrated on a paper altar.

Camouflaged by the crumbled curtain
You pull your form away,
Timid, careful,
You hide dread eyes by shadow-night.

You and I, in mirror waiting,
Watch the world through captured breath.
We have thrown our web
And sit, a false debris,
Patient, patient.

Where you will find a lost soul
And wrap its struggling life away,
I will hope for inspiration,
Flecks and motes and light dazzling,
To tangle in my heart strings.

And where you will be nourished on
The life taken,
I will be nourished for the breath I lend.

Little lure, hide your eyes,
and I will leave you be.
In your church of air, I kneel
Where the mind and heart are free.


Danielle K Day


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