Shark Bay

I came today, to see it again
I came and the dunes sucked at my toes and held me back,
But I came.

The sharp sea mist, riding the air as a smoke signal,
Stung in shredded ribbons across my skin

The ocean, sullen chopped-slate surface,
Boiled and cut into itself,
And the fine lace rimming that turbulent bowl belied the danger-

I could see only battle armour in the unknowable cloak of a foreign king,
And I was unprepared for this.

No sea-witch potion will brew in the crucible today,
And the salt and metal of the wash
Will not forge me anew,
Will not beat my harsh edges away,
Will not smooth me and shine me and mend the cracks-

Today this shore is a foreign country.

I feel abandoned at the foot of this mighty, terrible Titan.
I tremble, I feel the horizon receding.

And the raptors do not hunt for fish-
They circle, hover,
Sharp eyes waiting-

I am wallowing in a riptide of winds,
Battered on all sides,
And the dunes are ribbed as ancient serpents,
The sculpting of a dangerous hand that now turns its tools towards me-

I stand on spines to flee this cold and lonely strand,
And the cold eyes of the king
Stare only forward, uncaring of such a small and fragile thing.

Danielle K Day

I slept pretty badly last night, and woke up uncomfortable with the world. I tried to draw in comfort from the beach, but nothing sat quite right. I know this is a bit darker than usual, but this day didn’t sit right. Luckily, a good poetry purge has helped a whole lot. 🙂 – Danni


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