Tranquil Bay

Stone guardians line the way,
Behind the ragged mass of headland, and the pounding, pounding, pounding of the waves against the rocks.

I have marched these stony paths before, to the beat of firm steps and sliding, shell-saturated sands.

Today I lead a small army-
The dogs, my own unsure footing, and you.

The headland turns us about, and the beach dwindles away behind the bend of the shore. We lose the winds and the comfort of distant peaked roofs.
The wild, desolate beauty becomes a canvas for our unspoken thoughts.

The sea will churn and roar, and the gulls will call. In the distance a single sea eagle hovers in waiting.

I turn the final bend and, proud, present this sheltered cove to you-
A moment of calm in the rage of the ocean,
And a place to hold close in memory and heart.

This is my soul spark, and the cerulean sea will fill up our words with weight and meaning, and the sands rest us against the backwards trek.

For now, the moment hovers as the eagle hovers-

Danielle K Day


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