Peppermint Tea

A tea, chosen out of all teas, to be

That which is most beloved. A warm object

To focus the mind on a memory,

And, in turn, evolve the now, made perfect.


That knowing smile, when the scent rises out

On wings of steam. The mind’s eye recalls when

You stole your first kiss. And who was about

The day you started seeing her again.


And the tea was there when you broke her heart,

And the day that she broke yours too. The brew

Heralded the moment you let her part

And saw with new eyes, the world made anew.


On the base of mint, honey for sweet times.

And the citrus to line the sweet with lime.


Danielle K. Day

Today I wanted to write a recipe poem, but was sidetracked by the sonnet form.

I think I might try again with this one. 🙂 – Danni


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