Honey Moments

The day is sweet that heralds, in many small and wonderful ways, a new-found love. The way the tea, in sublime fortune, arises in steam and wreaths the lock of two sets of eyes. The gesture, on thin and nimble wrists, that suggests an urge to touch. Or, that the smile, soft on pink lips, lingers and frames the following joyful utterance.

This catalyst of serendipitous moments, a potent potion of heady meaning, weights the drop of individual words. She will be as honey to you, a sweet seduction, and you will gratefully drown.

Danielle K Day


I tried my hand at prose poetry today, but I’m not positive it succeeded. Prose poetry is distinct from prose only in that the emphasis is away from the narrative, and that it focuses on a single theme or image. I’m a descriptive-heavy writer anyway, so this doesn’t feel any different to many of my drabbles. Either I’ve been writing prose poetry all along, or today’s form was lost on me.

Thoughts? 🙂 Danni


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