The Job Listing

To look, to peek, mid-type when you can’t bide
The thought that there, beyond the link, it lies.
A list of lives, of future paths to stride-
Paths for the fool and paths for the wise.

The length of the list, drops the heart inside
A futile scroll will taunt the futile eyes
And set the pulse a’race with ways it lied,
For here was once the gate to richer lives.

The page, a wall so bare in passing days,
Has life and length to calm the swollen tide
And at the rear, you see the one that sways
Your heart to hope, and burden bonds untied.

But next the greater wall to overrise,
The trust in self, that you deserve the prize.

Danielle K. Day

In Canberra at the moment there has been a distinct lack of jobs. With the trickle-on effect of the GFC, and a change in budget, the two main employers- the public service and the ANU- have moved to internal advertising, redundancies and job freezing. As a young graduate, this dry spell is particularly gloomy. My cohort disappear by the day to the promise of Melbourne and Sydney. But, today, a bite!

I also experimented with form poetry today. I used to write sonnets all the time, and was much better at iambic pentameter. This is a corrupted version (I dropped a syllable here and there for the sake of better flow), and I mixed styles up a bit. I’m not as big a fan as I am of free form poetry… But, it does have nice rhythm, doesn’t it?

🙂 Danni


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