Night-time Tails

Deep pools hold me,
A creature of thought.

Slowly I rise,
To surface on their shores
In our bed
I turn, to feel
The weight of dawning.

And I tense.
At the edge of my hearing,
Your small sounds
Of sadness
Your dreams,
Have woken me.

I stir my wooden body,
Our life-raft in the dark
And I feel through the pile.

There you are, small creature,
Your paws kicking at the air,
As you run your nightmare game
To ground.
I murmur soft soothings,
And stroke you,
And remind you of the world.

Your tail beats twice-
You hear my voice-
And together we settle
To let the night finish
Its rounds

Danielle K. Day

While my parents are off travelling, I’m hanging out and looking after the family dogs. My parents have always let their dogs sleep in the bed and, being an animal person, I’m more than happy to let them hop into mine as well. It’s a  really different experience to hanging out with a cat, who only stays around long enough to see if I’m offering food.


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