A Meditation

Throned, on the edge of the world,
Breathe in the lost and barren place,
Submerse your lungs, coat your soul,
With the sticky smell of the eucalypts.

Sentinels to guard you, ghosts fading
And half-seen behind the honey curtains,
A rich bath, vibrant reds, oranges, and
Sun-pink wash to tint the line of silhouettes.

Stand tall, in this place of waiting,
And pass beyond the half-seen sun.
Walk forward, fall into the amber-green
Of the river, and fade.

Danielle K. Day


Since it’s a Sunday and daylight savings, and just because I felt like it, I did two poems again. It’s funny, that the more writing you push yourself to do, to more you want to do. And soon enough, the more you need to do.

Today’s second poem is a tribute to my favourite spot in Canberra. I go here to release tension and meditate, usually just on sunset.



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