Raining Cats

Is it raining outside?

He said, she said,

Well it’s not a’bucketing,

It’s just a pit pat-

A minute-past

It was raining cats,

He said, she said,

But not quite dogs.

A torrent,

A river,

A flow from above.

But not quite dogs?

No, not quite dogs.

But now it’s light,

And the puddles are drying,

And the sky is just crying

A little instead.

I’m gonna risk it

He said, she said,

And go without a ‘brella or hat.

But sure enough

When the door slammed shut,

It came a’bucketing

With dogs and a cat.


Danielle K. Day


Today it was very rainy. I threw together this silly poem based on a conversation with my boss. I will try for a serious one later on. ^_^


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