The Moon Hare

I’ve only ever seen the one hare, but I was so excited I nearly crashed my car. I think that they are beautful and I really adore the imagery and mythology that surround them. In honour of this, I wrote them a story. 🙂
Once again, not edited yet. You get everything, so be warned.

* * *

Excerpt from “The Song of Mr Rattle-Chains and the Fox”

The foxes are tricksters, one and all. The play at night, when the moon chases them across fields and under fences. They are thieves and villains, but- as the fox said with a twinkle in her eye- even the humble vixen and her small cubs must eat. And what is a chicken to men, who grow more as soon as a rooster is let loose?

Here she paused, lowering her gleaming black eyes to look at the hare. A sad and wistful look came upon her, and the hare became aware of the closeness of the night.

But then, Mr Rattle-Chains had a visit from the Queen of Foxes. Of all the men on the edge of the forest, Mr Rattle-Chains was the most loathsome. A giant, 8-ft tall, he was a man without a face. He came in the night, draped in the dread touch of cold iron, and he led five huge hounds on five long, fat chains, and he brought with him the cold of winter, and he let loose his hounds to feast upon the foxes- her mother, her brothers and her sisters, and nearly upon her. But for a small cleft in the stone of her mother’s den, just big enough for a tiny fox pup, she too would be gone.

And then, the fox was no longer a pup. Once you have looked upon death, you learn to fear it – and fear does not belong to the young.



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