Let Us Begin

Where I am at in Life:

I Graduated my two Bachelors degrees last December and am working full time at the moment. Right now I’m planning on applying for postgraduate programs, although whether I aim to start any next month or next year is uncertain. I’m only partly sure of what I want to do with my life – it is a scary moment, I think, when these kinds of decisions are finally needing to be made.

I live in a little apartment. It’s a one bedroom, one lounge room kind of deal. I like it here, but it sometimes gets lonely. I miss my cat. Sometimes my girlfriend comes over and we watch tv and eat tea with Tim Tams. We’ve been together 9 and a half months- her name is Jess. She is very lovely. ❤

I launched my new jewellery label, Knave and Fables, a few weeks ago. My brother and I are just beginning the promotional side of things- its been a long six months of designing the pieces so this is a welcome relief. You should scroll through the creative sections of this website- there are some nice images of what we’ve been doing up there.

This website is primarily to act as a hub for all of my crazy projects. I’m not how many of my friends are aware of the many personas I keep alive. I always said- my plan was to be both a starving artist and a penniless writer, so if I combine the two maybe I can create an adequately functioning human being.

In the last year I think I’ve achieved that.

I’ll be adding to all of the resources on this website periodically. If you like anything in particular, let me know.

– Danni


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